How your Donations Help

Your donations go to help all our Cooper children. In the past...

Coopter PTO has purchased...

  • Playground equipment
  • Chromebooks for the classrooms
  • iPads

Cooper PTO also helps fund...

  • Field trips for the older grades to go visit colleges
  • Chorus program
  • Reading incentives program (the reading medals)
  • Teacher Grants

Cooper PTO Teacher Grants at Work *


Purchase books for the classroom

Purchase games and manipulatives that review skills that are being taught.
Art Supplies
Purchase art supplies for special projects in class.
Reimbursements for purchases that supplement curriculum.
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Ms. Lindsey 3rd Grade

There are several of us that go to Lakeshore (Learning Materials) twice a year and shop for our classroom. It is nice to know that we are getting reimbursed for these expenditures.

Mrs. Wilcox Kindergarden

The Cooper PTO Grant is put to great use for all the little things that add up such as: books, cooking projects, stickers, class reward incentives, new games from TPT and dollar store counters. I have used the PTO grant every year since they have been granted and am so appreciative of this gift to my students and me.

Mrs. Horsma 4th Grade

I have used it to purchase books, posters, toys, games, and other small items from our book fair and other stores for my end of the trimester auction. I have also used it for classroom supplies and pizza for our AR parties. The money has also been used to help with off setting the cost of field trips and class presentations on the California Missions and the Gold Rush.

Mrs. Kimsey 6th Grade

The PTO grants have afforded me the opportunity to purchase art supplies for my class over the years.

Additional future goals are...

  • Funding for the Cooper Garden
  • Robotics

*  In 2015 the average school teacher spent nearly $500 of their own money on classroom supplies and instructional materials.